We control the quality of your parts as well as the strict compliance with the plans and, in particular, the specified tolerances at each stage of the machining process.

Quality assured for your machined parts

We include an inspection service in the development of your components which assures you the quality of the result obtained, compliance with established standards and the precision of the cutting carried out. These controls are independent of the cutting or machining technique used in the manufacture of your mechanical part or the material used.

In the same way, if we supply the material a material certificate can also be supplied on request.


A single partner for the whole of your project

In addition to our engineering design office and as a result of the machining techniques offered by Mecasoft and our partners, we are able to complete all your projects together up to the final control stage. In this way, we can always offer the most competitive solution suitable for your project, complying with your specifications and including the necessary certification and control.

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State-of-the-art techniques

The techniques used by our inspectors are combined to offer our customers assurance of the promised result. The level of quality and precision achieved by our company meets the expectations of our most demanding customers such as CERN, Airbus, Vinçotte and even GSK.

We also position ourselves as a trusted partner for companies in sectors of industry requiring very high precision machining techniques.

We design mechanical parts for the most demanding sectors

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Supply of an inspection certificate

At your request, Mecasoft is obliged to supply you with an inspection certificate certifying that the part produced complies in all respects with your requirement and the exigencies of the market.

On request, we also supply each customer with documentation covering the First Article Inspection (FAI), the manufacturing processes and detailed monitoring of the manufacturing process of his machined part. In fact, we pursue an objective of total transparency in the management of our projects according to the standards defined with you.

Our inspection tools

We have the following various high performance test equipment, for checking that the part produced complies with the dimensions and tolerances.

  • A 3D optical CNC measuring machine (with enlargement up to 200x and 1200x)
  • Measuring gauges (x, y and z gauges) from 0.1 mm diameter
  • A significant range of inspection tools continuously checks according to the standard used by our customers
  • A 3D CNC machine with measuring by feeler (accuracy to +/- 1 µm)

Our certifications

We are EN 9100:2018/AS 9100:D/JISQ 9100:2016 certified, a European standard that assures quality in the manufacture of products intended for the aeronautical, aerospace and defence sector. We are consequently also ISO 9001:2015 certified. These are in fact the high standards put in place for many years in our design and analysis workshops, that we offer you.

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