Machining techniques

We offer machining of mechanical parts using all the traditional techniques known on the market. In this way, we can take on any project for cutting metals and conducting ceramics in its totality. As a result of this extensive set of offers, we are able to work with all sectors of industry and, more particularly, those with high standards.


Mecasoft has specialised in particular in cutting by electro-erosion for over 40 years. As a result of the state-of-the-art equipment that forms our machine pool and the talent of our team, the company is skilled in the use of the three major electro-erosion processes: by wire, by sinking and by drilling.

This machining technique offers a very high degree of precision in shaping mechanical parts for the most demanding sectors of industry. It also enables us to work with any conducting material, independent of its hardness and without tearing the material.

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Mecasoft is one of the well-known leaders in the micromechanics market. For one-off or mass produced parts in fields where the greatest precision is required or where classical erosion is not adequate, we cut products using micro-cutting processes by wire, micro-drilling and micro-milling.

When manufacturing these parts, use of these different techniques enables us to cut micro-holes and very complex shapes and produce 3D motifs or texturing  on the surface of the product. We are also European specialists in 3D, 5-axis  micro-milling with electrodes of down to 20 µm, as well as 5-axis micro-cutting by wire by electro-erosion using a wire 20 µm in diameter.

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Other machining techniques

Mecasoft has a diversified machine pool and also a network of professional and trustworthy specialists. That is why we are always able to offer you the most suitable machining technique for your project or a combination of techniques, when the situation so requires: traditional machining processes (milling, drilling, turning, etc.), 5-axis CNC, laser cutting, additive manufacturing, etc.

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Mecasoft accompanies you!

We accompany you with our engineering design office in which we analyse your request with you and suggest a solution, up to quality monitoring of your finished product, including the high precision cutting of your machined parts.