Machining high precision components for the academic sector

Mecasoft is active in the academic world and in private design offices. To enable them to conduct their fundamental and applied research work well, we are developing very high precision machined metal components for these institutes.

Are you facing a challenge in the design of high precision machined parts?

The electro-erosion techniques employed by Mecasoft for the academic sector apply in particular to:

  • Cutting test pieces for analysis and non-destructive testing (CND),
  • Surface texturing by erosion,
  • The study and production of microfluidic systems,
  • The machining of non-destructive artificial faults (grooves, micro-faults and micro-diameters),
  • The machining of parts for design offices in the nuclear industry and energy companies,
  • The production of supports for measuring instruments and force sensors for aircraft wind tunnels,
  • The machining and texturing of blades in order to discover the best flow efficiency in wind tunnels.
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