Mecasoft, over 40 years’ experience in precision machining

Located in Belgium, Mecasoft specialises in high precision machining by electro-erosion and other advanced techniques. It has also developed extensive knowledge in micro-mechanics and makes metal components of various shapes with a precision that is hard to rival.

Our mission

Precision to support your vision

Precision is our strength and our passion. In fact, we are among the best for producing metal micro- components. When a millimeter seems like a kilometer, you should come to us.

But we are not content with supplying high precision work. We are loyal and enthusiastic partners who listen to our customers. We are always ready to go the extra mile, to question ourselves to find an effective and competitive solution that meets your needs.

We go the extra micron for you.

Because the minutest detail can make a huge difference and small components can do big things. Make an aircraft or satellite fly, for example. Develop new pharmaceutical mixers. Give life to innovative industrial designs. Whatever your project, we add precision in support of your vision.

That is what keeps us motivated.

And that is why we are, more than ever, dedicated to precision.


Our history

Founded in 1981 by Raymond Brandt and Francis Henry de Frahan, Mecasoft has positioned itself from the beginning as a technological innovation company specialising in micro-machining and more particularly, electro-erosion.

Originally based in the buildings of the Moulins Factories at Anhée, it moved in 1992 into the industrial zone of Molignée, also at Anhée. It is there that Mecasoft continues its growth today.


in machining

The process used by Mecasoft achieves a very high degree of precision in the machining of metal parts. Our work is therefore used particularly in very demanding and regulated sectors of aeronautics, aerospace, medical, etc.

“Mecasoft” takes its name from the fusion of two words: “mechanics” and “software”. In fact, the company chose to position itself as a reference in the mechanics sector handled by a computer and operated from work stations. That is how Mecasoft, supported by the present boom of 4.0 industry, continues to invest.


Founders with experience

From the beginning, our management has benefited from proven experience in the field targeted by Mecasoft. In fact, Francis Henry de Frahan is a nuclear engineer and Raymond Brandt was, himself, a specialist in computer science, which gave the company  its weapons for success. Mecasoft has continuously expanded its machine pool, broadened the services it offers to customers and enhanced the quality and finish of machined parts.

Raymond Brandt was a pioneer in this industry, appreciated by his co-workers and those who joined him along the way. Following his disappearance, Francis Henry de Frahan decided to provide Mecasoft with examples of the governance necessary to continue its development and ensure the process of transmission, now concluded, and thus ensure its continuity.

Today, the new management is continuing to modernise its plants, expand the technological services offered and diversify the sectors served, in particular the German, Swiss and French export markets.

Mecasoft over time

On its creation, Mecasoft purchased a wire electro-erosion machine from a copper factory. This machining technique was little known at that time and therefore aroused curiosity before winning out through its effectiveness. After a few months the company invested in other machines.

One thing led to another, and further electro-erosion and machining techniques were tried out. Up to now, the machine pool has been expanded to include all the technologies available on the market. Mecasoft can therefore offer to produce metal parts using three techniques: electro-erosion, electro-erosion by wire, by fast drilling and by sinking.

Wishing to offer a full range suited to the needs of each customer, the company also offers cutting, milling and drilling by micro-mechanics. The company is also the only one in Belgium to master all the techniques of micro-milling by erosion. More generally, we also offer traditional micro-machining techniques.

Our team of experts

The success and effectiveness of Mecasoft equipment are largely due to the skill and knowhow of our team of experts, who advise our customers and implement their projects. This team consists of engineers and specialist workers in machining and electro-erosion. They possess unique mastery of computer-based solutions and the machines that we use.

The company has also worked for many years with highly specialised partners which enables us to offer personalised accompaniment from A to Z for any type of machining. We take charge of multi-disciplinary projects and ensure their completion calmly and effectively, in accordance with an overall plan.


The Mecasoft team

Our vision of the future

Mecasoft believes in the future of the 4.0 industry and agile operation. We  consider ourselves as a Belgian and Walloon player integrated in a regional ecosystem. We insist on dynamism and the potential for innovation in the local community to develop partnerships and synergies. In this way, we intend to develop and export future solutions in cutting-edge industries.

From rapid prototyping to mass production, Mecasoft is a reliable and competitive partner that supplies customised solutions with limited budgets. We offer our unique expertise for the benefit of future projects in Belgium and beyond its borders.

Our references

During our several decades of experience in micro-mechanics, we have collaborated in many private or prestigious projects in which precision engineering played a predominant role.

Share your machining project with complete confidentiality



We work in a climate of mutual trust acquired over the years with our customers and which we strive to maintain.



We love to take on new challenges that extend our limits. We always aim for excellence in order to give the best results.



We accompany our customers from A to Z in their project, offering them the competitiveness and flexibility they expect. We work together with our partners and co-workers.