Test and Measurement: Quality control in every stage

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Various test and measurement tools are used by MECASOFT to verify compliance with the specifications for dimensional tolerance at each step of the workpiece manufacturing process. On request we can deliver a test certificate.

Combining these state-of-the-art techniques is what allows Mecasoft to comply with the requirements of the most demanding amongst our customers (CERN, Airbus, Vinçotte, GSK, …).

  • Measuring probes (calibration gauges xyz) starting from 0.1 mm diameter
  • CNC 3D optical measuring machine (magnification to 200x)
  • A 3D CNC measuring  machine with feeler (+ 1 µm)
  • An impressive fleet of control Tools monitored through a continuous verification process in compliance with the EN9100-2009 standard (aeronautics – defense – Aerospace) applicable to our plant.