Company History

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Machining + Information Technology = Performance

Mecasoft is a specialized Electrical Discharge Machining subcontractor, located in Belgium. The company name “MECASOFT” combines the concepts of “mechanics” and “software”. The company name makes thus reference to computer-controlled machining.

Once upon a time, there were two men and a machine… . Founded in November 1981 by Raymond Brandt and Francis Henry de Frahan, Mecasoft moved into the Moulins factory buildings in Anhée. In 1992, the company moved into new premises in the Molignée industrial zone, also in Anhée.

From the outset, Mecasoft operated in the wire EDM field. It acquired a machine from the former copper factory in Anhée, closed following a fire. At the time, this technique which was relatively unknown was mistrusted. However, the two directors had considerable experience in the field: Francis Henry de Frahan is a nuclear engineer, while Raymond Brandt is an IT specialist. They pooled their skills, and the two men resolved to launch their business.

A good decision. Six months after it was founded, Mecasoft already bought a second machine. Today, the company owns 17 machines, enabling it to apply all of the electrical discharge machining techniques: wire EDM, plunge EDM, EDM drilling and micro-EDM. These machines all run 18 hours per day, including at weekends.

In 2004, Mecasoft developed a new service to offer its micro-machining skills to customers. With these machines, Mecasoft is so far the only Belgian company to offer EDM micro-milling.

Mecasoft employs 14 people, including :

4 engineers

1 administrative employee

10 qualified workers trained in EDM techniques by the company itself

Average age : 35 years – seniority : 5 to 25 years.