Engineering and Design department


Our mission goes far beyond mere machining. Upstream in the production process of complex workpieces, our team of engineers and specialists will accompany you with each step. Starting from the theoretical idea, over the design and straight on to the industrial production of a workpiece, our unequaled know-how and our decades’ experience can be put to work for your business. Together we’ll find the most effective and efficient solution to your machining problems. Our in-depth knowledge of the complete scope of micro-machining will be a valuable aid to help you chose the EDM-techniques, surface treatments and materials that best meet your needs.

CAD and CAD/CAM: Computer science at the service of machining:

Mecasoft uses CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) for feasibility analysis and development simulations of workpieces machined through EDM-techniques.

CAD allows to make the technical drawing of the workpiece and to visualize the latter in 3D, to put it virtually under test and to observe the possible constraints of the design.

CAD/CAM consists in the EDM-machine being controlled by a controller-computer having the detailed profile and contours of the workpiece to be produced stored in memory.